In home newborn lifestyle photography session Fresno, CA

The Wright Family Becomes Four {In home newborn lifestyle session outside of Fresno}

I adore photographing a family as they welcome a little brother or sister into the family. It's a time of excitement and curiosity for the older sibling. And definitely a huge change in life for mom and dad as they adjust to being parents of more than one. But as chaotic as this time can be it's also one so worth remembering through beautiful photographs. The beauty in the special bond between baby and each family member is one that can't easily be put into words, but it sure does manifest through images. I live for sessions like these. Newborns with their family, settling in and getting acquainted with one another. The love is so abundant and so visible. What a dream for a motherhood photographer like myself! 

Family Session at the Inn at Serenbe, Georgia

I spent the week with amazing photographers of motherhood at an inn outside of Atlanta, GA. Photographing moms and their children is one of my favorite things to do back home in the Fresno, CA area so it was a special treat to have several beautiful family portrait sessions arranged at the Serenbe. I loved every minute of my time there! Here is a look at one of my favorite shoots during my time there. This mom was stunning and the bond she shared with her daughter was incredibly lovely to watch. Add to that a baby goat and I was in heaven!