All too quickly our children grow up.  It's hard to reconcile where all the time goes.  Our beautiful little babies suddenly turn into beautiful toddlers, preschoolers, adolescents, teenagers...then they're gone.  Off on their own journey through a life they build for themselves. We know our time with them snuggling us and hanging on our every word is temporary and we need to appreciate all of the sweet moments we are blessed with. But when you're in the thick of a hectic life it can be harder to do than say.  Maybe that's why I love family photography so much. It gives us an opportunity to preserve the ages/stages we experience with our children.  A chance to bottle up what our family looked like, felt like, loved like. What an incredible gift! To make photographs for families to return to in the months and years ahead. Because each year our children and our family changes. So why not make the time and investment in preserving these sweet and crazy days.  It it will be something you enjoy now, but treasure even more so in the years ahead.  Contact me now for more information on having your family photographed! 

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