Well hello there! My name is Elisabeth (my parents have called me Beth since the day I was born though, lol!) I exclusively photograph motherhood. Each step of the way I'm there for mom.  During pregnancy, telling your birth story, newborn photos, baby photos, family photos.  But I don't just photograph your baby, I photograph the relationship you have with baby, your bond. The love that bonds you to your children, that is what I'm invested in photographing. It's what inspires me and what I adore shooting. An adorable baby is always so much fun to shoot...but what I live for is the way that adorable baby loves you, watches you, clings to you.  Because before you know it these days with them will be a memory, and more than anything I want you to have tangible memories to treasure indefinitely, long after our littles are all grown up. For them to have these memories to look back on when they are having their own children. Something they can look at and see how loved they truly are, and always have been.

 My desire is that my photographs will take you back to that moment when your child was small enough to fit on your lap and tightly wrap their arms around your neck. Instantly flooded with the memories of that precious laugh, the smell of their hair, the emotions you felt in that tender, humble moment so many years before.  Knowing that long after we are gone these photographs will be treasured by your children and their children's children is a legacy I'm honored to have a hand in creating. 

 Just a little more about me 😊 I'm a lover of film photography.  Whether I'm photographing a portrait session in Fresno or a flower market in France you will find my Contax 645 medium format film camera and many rolls of Fuji 400H and Iflord Delta 3200 film in tow.  I love traveling any and everywhere. I love arranging fresh cut flowers to put all over my home. Since 2006 I've been married to the love of my life and most wonderful man and daddy in the world!  In 2011 we welcomed our first baby into the world, a boy we named Gavin. Nearly three years later we welcomed our second son, Charlie. They are the most precious blue eyed blondes you've ever seen.  Motherhood has taught me great lessons in humility, graciousness, patience and the importance of a good sense of humor. Raising our boys has been the greatest honor of my life and everything I do, I do for them.😊  I am so proud to be Gavin & Charlie's mom and incredibly grateful to have been entrusted with the privilege of raising them, all with an incredible partner by my side. 

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My work has been published by The Fount Collective, featured on Pier 1 Imports website and in print in a Pier 1 publication, featured on Baby Center for a special Mother's Day blog & more. I've had my work featured on many popular social media accounts such as Beauty and Lifestyle Mommy Magazine, The Fount Collective, Instagram Kids, Little Bellows, Pier 1, H.H. Boogie and many more. I'm a member of the Professional Photographers of America & The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers.

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Image at the top of the page by  www.tiffanyfarley.com , all other images on page by  www.ryleehitchner.com

Image at the top of the page by www.tiffanyfarley.com, all other images on page by www.ryleehitchner.com